East Lindsey Primary Care Network (ELPCN) covers a population of roughly 64,000 patients registered with GP surgeries in the local area.

Our Primary Care Network (PCN) consists of a group of 8 GP practices in East Lindsey, with 2 crossing over into West Lindsey.

The team at ELPCN are working collaboratively to provide services in addition to those already found at your local GP practices. Primary care networks have the potential to benefit patients by offering improved access and extending the range of services available to them and by helping to integrate primary care with wider health and community services. East Lindsey Primary Care Network brings together several GP Practices, health and care partners, patient organisations and the voluntary sector across East Lindsey. Our aim is to transform patient and carer access to health and care information, services, self-help and guidance.

The ELPCN board is made up of Clinicians and Practice Managers from your GP practices. This local knowledge allows us to build and tailor the services to the needs of our area and to the needs of our patients.